$1,000,000 Helmet (HELMET) IFO to be Hosted on PancakeSwap

What is Helmet (HELMET)?

IFO Sale Details

  • Sale start block: 3949650 (5pm SGT on Wednesday 13th of January)
  • Sale end block: 3950850 (6pm SGT on Wednesday 13th of January)
  • Amount to be raised: $1,000,000 USD in CAKE-BNB LP tokens
  • Tokens to be sold: 10,000,000 HELMET (10% of total HELMET supply)
  • Price per token: 1 HELMET = $0.1 USD
  • Method: Overflow (see below)

To participate in the IFO:

  1. Buy CAKE and BNB tokens
  2. Get CAKE-BNB LP tokens by adding CAKE and BNB liquidity
  1. While the sale is live between block 3949650 and 3950850 (5pm -6pm SGT on Wednesday 13th of January), commit your CAKE-LP tokens to buy HELMET tokens at pancakeswap.finance/ifo
  1. When the sale is complete, claim your HELMET tokens and your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.
  2. Done! In the case of an overflow you can unstake your remaining CAKE-BNB LP tokens.

What is the “Overflow” sale method?

  1. You will need CAKE-BNB LP tokens to participate.
  2. If the full $1,000,000 USD allocation is raised, then $500,000 USD of CAKE tokens will be burned forever.

Project Details

HELMET Token Distribution

  • 10% (10 million) for IFO on PancakeSwap
  • 27.5% (27.5 million) will be allocated to HELMET community members.
  • 30% can be earned through policy mining in the first year ○ 50% can be earned through LPT mining in the first year.
  • 20% can be earned through governance or vote on proposals in the first year.
  • 5% (5 million) will be farmed and reserved for one year as developer fund
  • 7.5% (7.5 million) will be used for partnerships with BSC ecological construction as Vault

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