Hot Cross (HOTCROSS) IFO to be Hosted on PancakeSwap

What is Hot Cross?

  • Cross Bridge: An easy-to-use ETH to BSC bridge that has brought a number of fantastic teams into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
  • Cross Pool: Launchpool on Binance Smart Chain, which is launching May 24th and has been audited by 6 of the best firms in the entire industry.
  • Cross Mint: A simple NFT minter that is focused on rapid NFT creation on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.
  • Cross Connect: A reusable UI component for connecting to ETH and EVM Network chains like BSC, Heco Chain, and Polygon.
  • Cross API: A soon-to-be open API that contains all information in the Hot Cross ecosystem including pools on Cross Pool, Cross Bridge TVL, the price of LP tokens on PancakeSwap, and much more.

What is $HOTCROSS?

HOTCROSS Token Distribution

  • 10.0% (50,000,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for the IFO on PancakeSwap.
  • 12.5% (62,500,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for Incubators and Strategic Placements.
  • 4.4% (22,000,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for Liquidity Provision purposes
  • 26.5% (132,500,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for Ecosystem Growth
  • 26.6% (133,000,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for Protocol Incentives
  • 10.0% (50,000,000 HOTCROSS) will be reserved for the Team allocation
  • 10.0% (50,000,000 HOTCROSS) will be set aside for Reserves

IFO Sale Details

What is the “Overflow” sale method?

To participate in the IFO:

Before Sale:

  1. Create an active PancakeSwap profile
  2. Buy CAKE and BNB tokens
  3. Get CAKE-BNB LP tokens by adding CAKE and BNB liquidity

During Sale:

  1. While the sale is live (9am — 10am UTC on Thursday 20th May 2021), commit your CAKE-LP tokens to buy HOTCROSS tokens at

After Sale:

  1. When the sale is complete, claim your HOTCROSS tokens and your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.
  2. Done! In the case of an overflow you can unstake your remaining CAKE-BNB LP tokens.

An Explainer: What are the 2 different sale sessions?

Basic Sale ($750,000, 30% of Sale allocation)

Unlimited Sale ($1,750,000, 70% of Sale Allocation)

How much is the participation fee?

  1. You will need CAKE-BNB LP tokens to participate.
  2. If the full $2,500,000 USD allocation is raised, then at least $1,250,000 USD of CAKE tokens will be burned forever.

The Syrup Pool:

The Farm:

Project Details



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