PancakeSwap Launches $150,000 Info Site Bounty

PancakeSwap has been growing exponentially over the last few months; and has now reached over 35k pairs offered by the Factory smart contract and around 800,000 tx’s per day on the Router smart contract. With the low block time of the Binance Smart Chain (3 seconds) and fast-growing user base, we are looking for a tool/product/solution offering the most up-to-date data to build an analytics dashboard for PancakeSwap’s users.

How to participate

In order to participate, please read our minimum requirements (listed below). Once you have a grasp of the issue, then you’re welcome to get started right away!

Once complete, make sure to send your submission to us through this Google Form.

If you would like to chat with the PancakeSwap team to gain clarification on any points, please join our telegram group.

Where do I send my submission?

Please submit all information to our google form before the 15th of May 2021

Reward — $150,000 in CAKE

PancakeSwap will provide a reward of $150,000 in CAKE to the individual or team who are able to deliver within the specified timeframe and be successfully implemented upon request. We are looking for the most efficient, effective, scalable and forward-thinking solution.


The $150,000 bounty will be distributed upon successful implementation of the submission that solves all of our aforementioned issues.

This means if you deliver a product that fits all of the requirements, but is not the final implemented solution, you/your team will not receive the bounty.

In case of argument, PancakeSwap retains the right to make final decisions in all areas concerned under the scope of the bounty.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your solution must offer one or multiple endpoints (GraphQL is preferred) providing the data listed below.

Minimum Data required:

- Ecosystem:

  • Total of pairs

- Tokens:

  • Name

- Pairs:

  • Address

- Transactions:

  • Hash

Additional information:

  • Factory: 0xBCfCcbde45cE874adCB698cC183deBcF17952812

Additional requests

We will give preference over solutions that include this data without sacrificing performance

User-related data:

  • User LP’s positions

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