PancakeSwap Welcomes Alpaca City to Syrup Pool!

The Syrup Pool:

The Farm:

The Vote:

What is Alpaca City?

What is $ALPA?

  • Breeding: Power two Alpacas to make babies. 90% of the ALPA spent in breeding fees will be burnt.
  • Staking: Staking ALPA token to earn WOOL, which can be used to exchange Gen0 Alpaca NFT.
  • Voting: ALPA Stakeholder can vote on community proposals and decide the distribution of the community governance fund.
  • Spending: More features like Boutique will be released in the future to help gear up your Alpaca, increasing their energy while adding more utilities to ALPA. 90% of all fees collected to the protocol will be burned.

How do you stake CAKE to earn ALPA rewards?




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