PancakeSwap Welcomes Back dFuture to Syrup Pool!

CAKE holders, today we are delighted to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from dFuture, a decentralized derivatives trading protocol that completely innovates the existing trading mode, so that traders, LPs and arbitrageurs can have a fairer, safer and more profitable trading environment.

What is Boost?

Boost is basically an increase in farm multiplier over a set period of time, which is offered in exchange for additional tokens from the boosted project, which are then put into a new Syrup Pool!

So basically, DFT-BNB will go from a 0.1x multiple to a 0.5x multiple, which will last for 30 days and only cause temporary dilution among the other farms, and at the same time, there will be a new DFT Syrup Pool with $300K of tokens, to be earned by staking CAKE.

The Syrup Pool:

Stake CAKE tokens, to earn DFT tokens!

Total Tokens: 3,000,000 DFT

Distribution duration: 60 days

Start block: 8369000 (approx. 5am UTC on June 17th)

Finish block: 10097000 (approx. 5am UTC on August 16th)

Token rewards per block: 1.7361 DFT

Max Stake per wallet:

100 CAKE for the first 48 hours, then unlimited CAKE staking.

To give as many CAKE holders the opportunity to Farm some juicy pool rewards at a high APY, we will have a 100 CAKE token cap staking limit per user for the first 48 hours.

The Vote:

Usually, there would be a vote, but as you may have noticed, there are currently issues with the nodes we have been using to support voting. As such, we hope that you will trust us on this one, and rest assured we are working to get the new version of voting deployed ASAP.

What is dFuture?

dFuture is a decentralized derivatives exchange. Traders can complete long/short transactions through leverage safely and efficiently without slippage and also at a trading depth far exceeding that of centralized exchanges. The LP (liquidity provider) only needs to add liquidity in a single settlement currency (currently USDT), and can obtain stable, risk-free, and high-returns without impermanent losses.

To learn more about dFuture, the chefs advise you to visit their official communication channels:



Telegram (English):


How do you stake CAKE to earn DFT rewards?

If you own CAKE tokens, congratulations! You’re the master of your … pancakes.

Time to step up your taste buds by learning how to stake CAKE with Syrup Pool.

BEP20 DFT will also be circulating and transferable on BSC when we start the Syrup pool, so you will be able to harvest your DFT tokens and trade on PancakeSwap at any time!


The official DFT token contract address on Binance Smart Chain is:

Any other DFT token will be a scam and will result in a financial loss for users. Do not buy tokens from any other token address. Always verify the token address before purchasing tokens. If you receive airdrops from another address for DFT tokens, they will be rotten tokens (but not the cool kind!), and we advise you to ignore them.

Chef Hops 🐰


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