PancakeSwap’s Easter Battle Sign Up Now LIVE with Over $200,000 in Prizes!

Today we’re proud to announce our first-ever team event, the “Easter Battle”, which is loaded with over $200,000 of CAKE to be won, along with achievements, points and most importantly, super limited edition NFTs!

How do we battle?

Trade BNB/BUSD, CAKE/BNB, ETH/BNB and BTCB/BNB pairs during the battle time period! The higher the volume, the higher your rank!

How does your team win?



LIMITED EDITION NFT (only 500 will be minted)

The NFT is 3D, animated and the winning team’s mascot will be featured on the top of the trophy!

Full Prize List:

(You can see the full prize list and structure here in a much nicer format)

How do I claim my prize(s)?

After the battle ends, visit the event page and click the “Claim Prizes” button in the top section or in the “Your Score” section. Once you claim your prizes successfully, the button text will change to “Prizes Claimed”.


Eligible trading pairs

Calculating team ranks and winners

Prize distribution

Fine print

Your Rank

During the battle, you will be able to check your individual rank on the competition page.

Team Rankings

During the battle, you will be able to check the teams ranking on the competition page.


💀 Fearsome Flippers — Chef Hops

Syrup Storm — Chef Chungus

🔥 Chaotic Cakers — Chef Bugs

Instagram Filters

These should be live on Instagram for you to use soon!


Finally, in case you missed it, anyone who had completed the creation of a PancakeSwap Profile before block #6294750, can go and claim their team’s mascot as an NFT!

Good luck, and may the best team win! (Fearsome Flippers 😏)

Chef Hops 🐰


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