PancakeSwap Info Relaunch in Partnership with $150,000 Bounty Winner — StreamingFast!

3 min readJun 15, 2021

Pancake flippers, the time has finally come… after what seems like an eternity, is now back online, fully synced and looking better than ever!

We’re also extremely excited to introduce the winners of the $150,000 Info Site BountyStreamingFast!

What sets StreamingFast apart from the rest?

They are fast. As mentioned in their blog on April 30th, StreamingFast’s initial shot at syncing the V1 data launched at 57x the speed of the original. Since the launch of V2, PancakeSwap handles over a million transactions daily, which has only made it even more difficult to find a capable, scalable solution.

In addition to being fully compatible with The Graph’s subgraph query standard, we felt StreamingFast offered the most innovative solution, mostly with the ability to leverage one of their key features (Parallelized indexing) that allows re-indexing data from PancakeSwap V2 within half a day (upcoming optimizations will make this even quicker). This allows both teams to iterate quicker fixing issues, and add new features on the Analytics dashboard to meet new data needs.

From here, we’re going to pass over to the team at StreamingFast to tell you a little about themselves, what they do, a few specifics of their bounty implementation, and finally, how you can get in touch with them!

Meet StreamingFast!

About StreamingFast

StreamingFast is a fundamentally improved data platform for Ethereum and many other blockchains. Rather than offering nodes-as-a-service, we provide a massively scalable architecture for streaming data, tailored to meet the requirements of decentralized platforms such as bridges, rollups, state mirroring, indexing services, and trading operations. Our solution enables developers to build responsive, fluid interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences.

The StreamingFast Implementation

We are thrilled to have been chosen by the PancakeSwap team, as it is a great showcase of our unique expertise at building massively scalable infrastructure. The ability to accurately index high-throughput data and being able to reprocess quickly, while preserving compatibility with The Graph, are the only ways to allow projects like PancakeSwap to innovate and introduce new features at the pace they need.

To achieve such a challenge, we built a new indexer component from scratch: fully compatible with The Graph database format, and highly generalizable to other high-throughput chains. While new, this indexer is built on proven StreamingFast technology, a high-performance set of components to extract and stream in-depth and cursored block data from any blockchain. This new indexer features a built-in highly parallelizable ingestion mode, designed around a map-reduce concept, all possible thanks to StreamingFast’s architecture, which is purpose-built for full-node data reprocessing in hours. The query layer is still served by stock The Graph nodes, providing for the full querying power of the subgraph’s GraphQL API.

The PancakeSwap V2 subgraph is available through the following GraphQL endpoint:

How to contact StreamingFast

We want to work with as many teams as we can to provide them with the greatest and fastest access to indexed subgraphs. If you want to speak with the team directly, you can always join our Discord server. If you’re looking to keep up with new projects that we’re working with, our Medium and Twitter are best for that.





To everyone that competed in the Info Site Bounty

We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of great submissions from teams and individuals that answered our initial call. While we’re delighted with StreamingFast as our final choice of Bounty winner, we saw many other strong applications that demonstrated innovative solutions. Building on BSC, as with any blockchain, provides its own unique challenges to overcome, and we look forward to your participation in future bounties. Thank you for your participation, and keep your eyes on the kitchen for more to come!

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